"Giving away money is easy. Giving away money well is fiendishly difficult" - Warren Buffet

Giving Well provides educational workshops and customized programs to help integrate a social purpose into your business. At Giving Well we provide innovative philanthropic solutions for business, individuals and financial advisors. 




Giving Well recognizes the challenges businesses encounter in attracting and retaining employees, specifically millennials. A recent study by Deloitte confirmed 6 out of 10 millennials said a sense of purpose is part of the reason they chose to work for their current employer.

Giving Well will provide you a customized giving program to address these challenges and provide the added benefits of an improved corporate culture, increased  profile in the community, and a value added educational program for your employees.


We offer one-on-one or small group consulting for anyone interested in discovering their social purpose. Informative and interactive workshops  are offered to individuals and groups with the desire to create and fulfill their philanthropic vision.  

At Giving Well, our programs help you focus on your goals and values and guide you through the decision making process leaving you with your Roadmap to Philanthropy and a lasting legacy for the future.


At Giving Well we believe philanthropy  should be an integrated part of an overall investment portfolio.  Financial portfolios and philanthropy go hand in hand and perform best when well researched, diversified and balanced.  

Giving Well will provide you and your clients with the tools to evaluate and  identify well managed charities that will maximize your investment, while creating a legacy. As a  financial advisor you will provide a value added component to your  clients' overall portfolio.  


"Working and learning with Christina and Sharon is always a pleasure. They bring so much enthusiasm and genuine passion for what they do. Not only that, but their deep knowledge and experience enhances all of the concepts and business practices they promote. I could listen to them tell stories all day! I would highly recommend working with them as they will bring true value to your organization and it’s employees in ways you might not have anticipated".

Tiffanee Scorer

Founder and CEO, TripLit 

"Listening to Christina and Sharon speak about the work that they do with companies and how they put them in touch with non-profits was very inspiring. They had some great insights into how the upcoming younger generation, in conjunction with social media, can make such a big positive impact. They had dynamic energy and their passion for the work rang true through their presentation.  You could tell that they are an authentic team working with a clear and beautiful goal in sight. I highly recommend Giving Well and they would be a team I would love getting in touch with again in the future".

Mathilda de villiers, Journalist/photographer

"I had an opportunity to work and learn from Sharon as she led the ZAG Heartbeats philanthropic initiative & volunteer committee which was an exciting undertaking by ZAG Group in Vancouver. She was an incredible leader and cornerstone for the entire project as she is an effective strategist and a wealth of information. I'm very grateful for her invaluable mentorship when it comes to philanthropy, making impact worldwide, and the art of giving. "

Nalia Minnebaeva
Founder and Marketing Consultant at The Meme Factory

Recent Workshops/Presentations:
TripLit Conference 2019, Capacity 
Conference 2019

Recent Workshops/Presentations:

TripLit Conference 2019, Capacity 

Conference 2019