About Us

At Giving Well we are dedicated to helping you find your purpose & reaching your philanthropic goals

We all give back in our own way. It is part of our nature and the results are the power of collective impact. The experience of giving should be beneficial and enriching for both the donor and the recipient; at Giving Well we help guide you toward this goal. We believe that with the right tools an individual or company can engage with charities that are aligned with their values creating lasting partnerships.

Giving Well will help you incorporate a strong charitable vision that will benefit your company.

Companies looking to attract and retain employees, especially millennials, will recognize the importance of an employee driven giving program. Integrating a meaningful charitable giving  component will improve corporate culture benefiting the company internally with employees and externally with stakeholders.  Engaged employees will be a catalyst for growth, innovation and new partnerships while having a positive influence on the community.


          What is YOUR Purpose?​

A company's purpose is the reason the business exists. It is more than a  mission or vision statement. Purpose grounds your business, and conveys what a  company stands for in its ethical, emotional and practical terms. It has  been described as the heartbeat of a company. 

The power of Purpose will alter the course of your company by positively impacting your bottom line, attracting and retaining employees and increasing customer loyalty. Purpose is your competitive advantage!

             Purpose Statement:

Giving Well's purpose is to transform the way that businesses and individuals view philanthropy and create change in their community. 



Sharon Davis

Christina Labarca

Christina Labarca

Sharon had a lengthy career in Investment Finance before shifting her focus to the nonprofit community, introducing best  practices to improve their fundraising capability, awareness, and  growth. The opportunity to bring non-profits and business together as  partners was the catalyst for Giving Well. 


Christina Labarca

Christina Labarca

Christina Labarca

Christina holds a BA in Adult Education and a Masters of Philanthropy & Nonprofit Leadership from Carleton University. Christina has always looked for ways to give back and over the years has fundraised, volunteered and supported numerous local and international charity organizations.